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Monday, January 3, 2022 9:40 AM

Scottsdale takes steps to address Short Term Rentals

Starting Friday, Scottsdale police will have more power to stop nuisance parties frequently associated with vacation and short-term rentals. In December, the city council voted unanimously to update two ordinances.

Owners of vacation and short-term rental properties must provide an emergency contact who will respond who within an hour. Assistant City Manager Brent Stockwell said the council also strengthened its nuisance party ordinance by adding noise levels and measurement criteria, increasing fines for hosts and property owners and defining habitual offenders.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 9:16 AM

Scottsdale voters approve General Plan 2035

"Importantly, residents are voting on our General Plan 2035, in favor of our low-profile, low density, open space, Sonoran Desert sustainable and family-friendly identity," Ortega told The Republic.

Monday, September 20, 2021 12:39 PM

Vote YES for the General Plan

From the mayor: Vote ‘yes’ on Scottsdale General Plan 2035 this fall

By David Ortega

I am proud of Scottsdale’s General Plan 2035, which is truly citizen-driven, written by all stakeholders. Please vote yes, sign and mail-in the ballot as soon as possible.

Why is the General Plan 2035 so vital for Scottsdale? It is the blueprint document, updated every 10 years, which directs and guides city staff and City Council in their decisions.

Scottsdale government is the most accountable, responsible and responsive when it adheres to the General Plan.

Having lived in Scottsdale for over 42 years, I know that Scottsdale is a unique place because of our community spirit captured in the opening Vision statement:

“Scottsdale will continue to be an exceptional Sonoran Desert experience and premier international destination, where our Western heritage is valued. Our diverse neighborhoods foster outstanding livability, social connectivity, healthy lifestyles and a sustainable environment. Scottsdale will thrive by attracting and retaining business centers of excellence that encourage innovation and prosperity.”

“Scottsdale will respect and be sensitive to the history and legacy found in the heart of Old Town, in designated Historic Preservation neighborhoods, at archaeological sites, in the equestrian community and within cultural and architectural resources, which define our Sense of Place.”

After scores of public meetings, hundreds of hours of discussion, eight council work study sessions, and countless public comments, your council voted unanimously to forward General Plan 2035 for your approval.

There are too many elements to recount here, but details are at

Citizen participation, resilience, and innovation inspire us as we embrace the past and step into the future. This is our plan, for our city. Together, we are Scottsdale, Arizona — the one and only one in the world!

Be a part of our success by voting yes on General Plan 2035.

Editor’s Note: David Ortega is mayor of Scottsdale.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 10:47 AM

Mayor promotes city council districts