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Wednesday, June 2, 2021 11:23 AM

Mayor Ortega Reopens Old Town Scottsdale development plans

Sunday, May 30, 2021 2:11 PM

City budget poses possible housing help

Mayor David Ortega also asked Council to increase the spending cap by $10 million to include contingency funds that could pay for an affordable housing solution or provide resources and housing for the city’s homeless population.

Ortega didn’t specify what that solution would look like or where that funding would come from, but said he wanted the option to act if a suitable project presented itself in the next fiscal year.

I also believe that aspirations really don’t happen unless we make them actionable, and in this case, as we’re dealing with the 2021-22 budget, I believe that we need to put in some funding for affordable housing,” Ortega said.

Friday, May 28, 2021 2:24 PM

Scottsdale General Plan moves forward

Ortega: Scottsdale’s general plan update moves forward

Mayor David D. Ortega
Mayor David D. Ortega
By Mayor David D. Ortega

I am proud of Scottsdale’s General Plan 2035.

On June 8 my council colleagues and I will be asked to formally adopt this document that begins:

“Scottsdale will continue to be an exceptional Sonoran Desert experience and premier international destination, where our Western heritage is valued. Our diverse neighborhoods foster outstanding livability, social connectivity, healthy lifestyles and a sustainable environment. Scottsdale will thrive by attracting and retaining business centers of excellence that encourage innovation and prosperity.”

And that is just the start.  After scores of public meetings, hundreds of hours of discussion, either Council work study sessions, and countless public comments, together, we have crafted our vision of Scottsdale. 

“Scottsdale has a reputation as an inclusive community, with natural desert beauty, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, high quality design standards, a vibrant downtown, world-class events and resorts, and diverse arts and culture venues.”

With the passage of the anti-discrimination ordinance, we have elevated our reputation as a community that values and respects one another.

“Scottsdale offers a variety of multi-generational lifestyle choices that are responsibly planned, connected and supported by appropriate infrastructure and services. Neighborhood life promotes well-being and public safety via reliable municipal services.”

And in the face of adversity, Scottsdale withstood pandemic challenges with grit, consistent with our unified vision.

“Scottsdale will continue to thrive by supporting existing small businesses and fostering a pro-business environment, so that all businesses can grow and choose to locate in Scottsdale to leverage technology; and accelerate innovation and creativity, buoyed by a knowledge-based workforce.”

Scottsdale core values embrace the past as we step forward into the future.

“Scottsdale will respect and be sensitive to the history and legacy found in the heart of Old Town, in designated Historic Preservation neighborhoods, at archaeological sites, in the equestrian community and within cultural and architectural resources, which define our Sense of Place.”

These highlights are segments of the community-wide effort that created Scottsdale’s new General Plan, which guides the physical development of Scottsdale and acts as a blueprint to enhance our community aspirations. Every voter in Scottsdale will ultimately have the most important role when the plan goes to the ballot in November.

It is impossible to thank everyone individually for their tireless efforts and recognize each staff member who assembled our collective voices, but I will say it here — thank you to every person who contributed to this most important effort.

This is our plan, for our city. Together, we are Scottsdale, Arizona — the one and only one in the world.

Editor’s Note: David D. Ortega is the mayor of Scottsdale.

Sunday, March 14, 2021 4:45 PM

Anti-discrimination ordinance.


The Scottsdale City Council is expected to approve an anti-discrimination ordinance that would extend protections to the LGBTQ community in April, just months after voters elected a new mayor and council majority. 

Monday, March 1, 2021 4:28 PM

Mayor Ortega sworn into office and reimposes face coverings

Within minutes of taking office on January 12, Scottsdale’s new mayor, David Ortega, declared a proclamation of emergency in response to the pandemic. This was followed by a second proclamation the next day, reimposing face coverings to combat rising cases. 

“I was ready to take immediate action by preparing between the November election win and shouldering the oath of office,” Ortega said. “I have been building consensus with newly elected colleagues, council members and fostering trust with city staff.”

Ortega replaced Jim Lane, who was Scottsdale’s mayor for 12 years. The courteous transition between the two included briefings on critical issues facing the city and region, which helped the new mayor zero in on his main goals for the next few years. 

His objectives include ensuring quality police, fire and EMT services throughout this economic recovery period and protecting local neighborhoods and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. 

“Families and businesses will thrive in a stable environment,” Ortega said. “We must protect our neighborhoods from massive block apartments and proliferation of short-term rentals, which disrupt our quality of life. By working with other cities and legislative allies, we can get the Arizona Legislature to restore local control.”

He also plans to enact council districts and an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Monday, August 3, 2020 11:29 AM

Scottsdale Independent - Short-term rentals

Ortega: Confronting short-term rentals  

Last night, another shooting at a Scottsdale short-term-rental. The looting at Fashion Square was planned and staged from a nearby STR.

Often seen, occupants at STRs jumping off patio roofs into pools. What is the city doing to halt the general disruption in our neighborhoods, overstuffed trash receptacles and misused recycling containers?

All of the above are intolerable in our family-friendly neighborhoods. Near my house are four short-term rentals, excess cars on the street, the occasional long limo and six passenger beer buggy.

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