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Mayor Dave Ortega :  1st Term Accomplishments:  

  •  Mayor Ortega increased funding every year for training, technology and total compensation for the Scottsdale Police Department and Scottsdale Fire Department, including in this 2024-2025 Budget Year. Public Safety, professional dispatch, expansion of the Real-Time Crime Center citywide and fiscal responsibility are a priority. Neighborhoods, streets, parks, businesses and schools will be protected as we continue to build community trust.

  • Mayor Ortega defended Scottsdale Water against dry-lot "wildcat" subdivisions in the county, and their accomplices, who allowed diesel tankers to traverse our neighborhoods and sap our water resources. Mayor Lane and former Councilmembers Milhaven and Borowsky, wilfully, permitted the irresponsible loss of water for a pittance. Mayor Ortega and Council unanimously cut the non- resident outsiders off. Scottsdale Water facilities must be dedicated to residents only.

  • Mayor Ortega supports increased funding for the new Fire and Police Training facility, new Fire Station, and new Scottsdale Fire Ambulance Division to enhance public safety from crisis-to- hospital Emergency Room. Under his leadership, Council instituted fair STEP compensation for Scottsdale Police personnel, to draw professional recruits and retain the best.  

  • Mayor Ortega vigorously opposed Short-term Rentals at the Legislature, and Council adopted the toughest ordinances to demand compliance, and a new STR Squad to enforce peace in our neighborhoods. Mayor will work with municipal allies to reclaim local control at the Legislature.

  • Mayor Ortega supports small businesses, especially in Old Town, where we must respect our Western heritage.  Mayor led Council action to slash the height and density bonuses which were gifted to speculators by former Mayor Lane and Councilmembers Borowsky and Milhaven.  

  • Mayor Ortega championed the 2035 General Plan, which restores our 10-year community vision for economic vitality, infrastructure, arts & culture, housing, recreation, transportation, energy conservation, sustainability and wellness. Former Mayor Lane, Councilmembers Milhaven and Borowsky were unable and unwilling, during their terms, to assemble a blueprint of all facets of quality of life; and they failed to protect our Old Town character.  Architect and leader, Mayor Ortega was able to achieve consensus and voter approval, as required by AZ State Statues.

  • Council unanimously appointed a 9-member Task Force to assess the condition of 47 city parks, worn-down multiuse trails, McDowell Sonoran Preserve vulnerabilities, repairs needed at the Greenbelt, costly drainage problems at Westworld, and public safety deficiencies at all sites. The Task Force spent 15 months in meetings, took expert advice from SPD & SFD, established priorities to fix the oldest parks first, examined cost estimates on pay-as-you-go basis, and reported all findings to Council. Council forwarded the Protect and Preserve ballot measure to reduce the sales taxes and dedicate funds to our open space needs. I fully support the Protect and Preserve funding model for necessary operations and reinvestment in our open spaces to last 30 years. Former Councilmembers Borowsky and Milhaven oppose the ballot measure.  

  • Mayor Ortega dedicated Pima-Dynamite trailhead, the 12th and final gateway to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  Major sales tax funding for acquisition of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve will expire in 2025. However, there may be a balance for Trailhead improvements which may  be used for a wildlife bridge and or other trailhead enhancements.  Credit the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy volunteer Stewards activating the Preserve by greeting and guiding hikers, providing learning programs and for promoting arid environment research.  

  • Mayor Ortega uses architect expertise to, despite inflation, complete Bond 2029 projects, which were approved by voters, prior to his taking office. The Mayor advanced the Thompson Peak Off Leash Dog Park by three years so that everyone can enjoy it sooner and to relieve other parks.

  • Mayor Ortega guided public outreach and championed the passage of the Scottsdale anti-discrimination ordinance to protect residents, visitors and employees. It serves as a useful template so that together, we all can thrive.
  • Mayor Ortega established and hosts the Education Sub-Committee which was authorized by Council to meet with Scottsdale Unified School District and Scottsdale Community College. Public meetings share ideas about career pathways, explore internships and test opportunities for after-school programs, joint facility uses, and recreation for our youth and seniors. 

  • Mayor Ortega brought forward review the Base Expenditure Limitation set by the Arizona Legislature, based on 1980 dollars. Scottsdale in 1980 was vastly different from 2024, with new buildings, core services, demands of sophisticated tourism and expansive operations. AZ State Statutes allow for a formula adjustment, subject to voter approval. Mayor and Council unanimously approved a ballot measure. I fully support the Expenditure Limit increase as calculated by the State Auditor.  Mayor Lane era former Councilmembers Milhaven and Borowsky oppose the administrative adjustment, which has not been adjusted in 18 years.

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