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"The Right Mayor at the Right Time for Scottsdale"

Hello Friends of Scottsdale,

As a full-time mayor, architect and independent leader, and forty-five-year resident of Scottsdale, I continue to build upon our success, every day.  The hallmarks of the first three years as mayor include unwavering support for public safety, protecting family-friendly neighborhoods, defending Scottsdale Water from dry-lot 'wildcat" houses in the county, reinvesting in our vibrant Western legacy in Old Town, and promoting citywide, sustainable economic vitality.

Under my leadership Scottsdale's reputation as a beautiful, safe, clean and health-driven, world-class city has been strengthened.  Paul Messinger, notable Arizona Legislator and past Scottsdale councilman, gives his endorsement:

"Mayor Dave Ortega is the Right Mayor at the Right Time for Scottsdale."

Please join my 2024 Campaign for Re-election by requesting a yard sign, helping as a Volunteer or by Donation, so that we WIN!

I pledge to stay true to our values so that Scottsdale remains a place of fellowship and opportunity. I look forward to fulfilling that commitment every day for you! 

Together, we are Scottsdale!

Mayor Dave Ortega


Mayor Dave Ortega: An Independent Thinker for an Independent Scottsdale

I seek re-election for Mayor of Scottsdale because I know that Scottsdale is at its greatest when it strikes that perfect balance between quality growth, natural beauty, and strong and safe neighborhoods.

For over 40 years, working as a Scottsdale architect in the private sector, my experience has been pro-development.  Scottsdale pro-development respects our Western heritage, honors mountain vistas and favors low density, whether in Old Town or near the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Our values distinguish Scottsdale and will not be cast aside.

My unwavering support for the Scottsdale Police Department began when I married into a law enforcement SPD family. Lt. Michael Gannon retired from NYPD in 1966 and joined SPD to modernize the force. Chief Gannon retired in 1989 and oversaw completion of SPD Via Linda HQ.  In 1980, I married his daughter. Mutual respect for the sacrifice, vigilance, accountability and community policing to "Protect and Serve" are embedded at my core. 


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