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I am honored to lead Scottsdale as Mayor.  Thank you for supporting our vision of a city where the citizens are heard, where development is done responsibly and where families can thrive. I will work every day to make Scottsdale a better city for you and your family.  

I look forward to working alongside the entire City Council.  If we act wisely, our community can be healthy and our economy will rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If we remain true to our values, we will ensure this great city remains a place of fellowship and opportunity. I look forward to fulfilling that commitment everyday. 

With a grateful heart,



Mayor Dave Ortega: An Independent Thinker for an Independent Scottsdale

I ran for Mayor of Scottsdale because I know that Scottsdale is at its greatest when it strikes that perfect balance between quality growth, natural beauty, and strong and safe neighborhoods.

For over 41 years, working as a Scottsdale architect in the private sector, my experience has been pro-development.  Scottsdale pro-development respects our Western heritage, honors mountain vistas and favors low density, whether in Old Town or near the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Our values distinguish Scottsdale and will not be cast aside.

My unwavering support for the Scottsdale Police Department began when I married into a law enforcement SPD family. Lt. Michael Gannon retired from NYPD in 1966 and joined SPD to modernize the force. Chief Gannon retired in 1989 and oversaw completion of SPD Via Linda HQ.  In 1980, I married his daughter. Mutual respect for the sacrifice, vigilance, accountability and community policing to "Protect and Serve" are embedded at my core. 

Mayor Ortega Accomplishments and Key Positions:  

  •  Council unanimously approved Scottsdale Anti-Discrimination Ordinance to protect all residents, visitors, employees, and Scottsdale  City employees, effective May 20, 2021.                                                        
  • Police protection, Fire and EMT safety, quality reliable city services and fiscal responsibility are priorities during this COVID-19 crisis era. As mayor, working with the new council, we must efficiently align Level-of Service with revenues. On my watch neighborhoods, streets, businesses and schools will be protected.
  • Unanimous Council approved 2021-22 Budget 20% increase funding for the Police Department. 

  • Protecting neighborhoods from proliferation of short-term rentals and massive block apartments is a priority. As mayor, I will work with municipal allies to reclaim local control at the Legislature.
  • Unanimous Council established Short Term Rental Work Study for actionable measures.

  • General Plan 2035 written by all stakeholders must enhance our quality of life and support city economic vitality. We will move forward as a new council includes Distinctive Character to respect Downtown Core. 
  •  Mayor Ortega championed Prop 463-General Plan 2035-which voters APPROVED! GP-2035 assures quality of life, public safety, the arts, tourism, sustainable environment, keep Old Town character, economic vitality  and so much more, for the next 10 years.   
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve improvements must be citizen-driven and voter approved. I voted YES on Prop 420. As mayor, I  will ensure that gateways are completed and the Preserve remains pristine.
  • Mayor Ortega dedicated Pima-Dynamite trailhead, the 12th and final gateway to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  Pima-Dynamite has 300 parking spaces, bike and equestrian access, and the Art DeCabooter Amphitheater were Stewards, researchers, hikers and visitors can learn.  

  • Buildout of citywide Bond 2019 capital improvements must move forward to expand our infrastructure.
  • As of December 2021, $51M projects are completed or underway citywide, as scheduled.    
  • Stronger ties to Scottsdale schools and Scottsdale Community College are vital. We are stewards of after school programs, joint use facilities, operations and recreation for our youth and seniors.                 
  • Mayor Ortega chairs the Sub-Committee authorized by Council to meet with Scottsdale Community College and SUSD on topics such as internships, safety and career development.   
  • Voting Districts: Representation options must be discussed to give everyone a voice. In 2004 when I was vice-mayor, I advocated and brought the Voting Districts to the ballot, which did not pass. The fact remains that not since 2008 has a council member been elected who lives south of Shea, where 65% of residents live. As mayor, I will encourage healthy discussion and bring Voting Districts to the ballot in 2022.




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